Your picnic will no longer be a headache for you..... Just put on your apron and get your skillet ready You know, I really like chicken salad sandwich coz it's so fun and simple to prepare and the recipes are so easy to follow that you can grab at your finger tips.

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Here's the recipe:

1st Recipe:Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe 1


4 c cooked chicken, white and diced (or Left Over)

4 c celery, cubes

2 c mayo. vinaigrette

2 c. French Vinaigrette

Directions: Season the meat with the French Vinaigrette and set to chill for 1 hr.

To serve: Simply mix in the vegetables and mayo to the marinated chicken

To Garnish: Just follow the steps below Torn lettuce Chicken marinated with mayo and celery cubes Watercress, washed and drained Gherkins Olives, stoned Celery diced Mayonnaise


2nd Recipe: Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe 2

This recipe is new and with lemon.


8 x 1/2  chicken breast, remove skin

4 celery , stalk, cut in 1/3 2 med.

onion, white and coarsely chopped

2 lg lemon, zests and juice of

4  eggs, boiled

2 tsps paprika

2 tsps salt to taste

5 tbsps mayo.

2 tbsps Mustard of Dijon

16 sl bread,

Sourdough Cheese slices, Muenster

Directions: Mix the meat, 1 onion, 2 stalks and cook for 25 mins. and remove when the meat is ready to eat. Set to cool and debone the meat. Then, you can cut the deboned chicken into dices.

Cut the left over onions, celery and the hard boiled eggs into small dices. Then, mix in with the meat. Add the mayonnaise, Dijon and the remaining ingredients except the cheese and bread Display the mixture on one slice of bread, then the Muenster and finally top with another slice of bread.

Tips: You can have a great and tasty sandwich by simply grilling the sandwich until brown. Serve hot.

I'm sure you enjoyed the 2 chicken salad sandwiches and your picnic as well.