For years, we have heard of people who prefer boiling their chicken first before grilling. This may be convenient if downright safe, but it is also an effective means of having dried and bland chicken meat.

Believe it or not, you can definitely learn how to barbecue chicken using the easiest tips and the most kept secrets by professional cooks and chefs, no longer remain as hidden surprises.

1. As mentioned, stop boiling your chicken meat. Though this standard is also considered salmonella-free, this method somehow diminishes the true flavor of good old chicken. You may argue that learning how to barbecue chicken also means familiarizing oneself with the benefits of homemade sauces. Still, a well prepared marinade is no substitute for a perfectly grilled meat.

2. If you prefer boiling, you can still do so provided that you will boil the chicken for about 20 minutes. Preheat the grill. Afterwards, you can place the meat into the grill and brush them with your chosen marinade or sauce.

The objective is to brush the sauce over the meat for a more charring effect. In such way, you will have perfect-looking grilled chicken.

3. As always, never underestimate the power of marinades and basting sauces. If you want to know how to barbecue chicken and end up with a full-course meal, you have to learn how to properly use your seasonings and herbs.

You can opt to use the commercially-prepared sauces and other chicken rubs, which are very much available today. On the other hand, if you want an entirely new mix, you can try combining seasonings, herbs and other spices.

4. Aside from boiling your chicken before grilling, you can either roast your meat or cook it using a foil-covered grill. After marinating your chicken, you can either bake it at 350 degrees or try the more difficult process, which is covering the entire grill grate with foil. It is also advisable to spray the foil with some oil to prevent the chicken from sticking.

As for seasonings and sauces, you can always learn how to barbecue chicken using the most recent brands and items. Marinades are known to keep the meat juicy and flavorful while cooking. Options do vary as you have an array of choices in the form of Cajun or Creole marinades. Rubs, on the contrary, are more popular nowadays. In fact, these items are currently used by many professionals in their grilling. There are also sauces that make your chicken more flavorful such as the conventional barbecue sauces. In other words, there are so many things that you can use to learn how to barbecue chicken.

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