If you are a true Indian, living anywhere in the world; you must try these traditional foods from international cuisines because this is a definite way to taste the local culture of any place.

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1)      An Indian living in America should try a hot dog in Chicago since it is one of the best hot dogs sold anywhere in America. This is the truest version of an American hotdog. An all beef filling topped with mustard paste, pickle, tomatoes, and hot peppers. This American classic originated from Windy City and it became popular among Jewish, European, and Mediterranean cultures alike.

2)      If you ever happen to visit Italy, don't forget to eat Vincisgrassi lasagna that includes 12 layers of slick and slippery pasta, deepened in vino cotto, combined with a full meat layer. This layer of meat can have lamb, fish, chicken, truffles, or even mushrooms. Then they cover the meat with b├ęchamel sauce and parmesan cheese. This may remind you of theIndian recipe of butter chicken or vegetable lasagna but what make the Italian version different are the layers of meat.

3)      Adobo that comes from Philippine is the love of the people making a population of 7000 islands. Indian recipes are usually made with plenty of ingredients including spices and veggies so an Indian will enjoy this Philippine delight that is made with just four ingredients and while relishing this savory and satisfying stew you won't believe that soy sauce, meat, garlic, and vinegar alone can make a meal so aromatic and tasty. They mostly serve it with boiled rice and if you are a true Indian vegetarian, then we'll ask you to skip this dish because meat is the main ingredient of the recipe although you can replace chicken with pork, lamb, or fish. 

4)      Though Indians mostly dislike sea food but if you are one of those who like fish and prawns; then you must relish the taste of generously sized lobsters available on shockingly cheap prices in Cuba. Although Cuba is not the place where visitors can expect a huge variety of food because the place is mainly famous for ski diving, rum, music, and cigars. So when an Indian visits the place, he is surprised to see grilled lobsters dipped in lime juice and coated with butter; they come so fresh, appetizing, aromatic, and above all super cheap that you'll love to eat them every other day during your stay in Cuba.

5)      Japanese oden is one of the most famous winter staples Japanese turn to when they look for a comfort food. Indians mostly prepare their soups with veggies simmered in stock and they will love to have this Japanese soup where eggs, tofu, fish, vegetables and meat are cooked on slow heat. The soy base is what makes oden a delicate broth with not so striking color. Don't even think of buying the store bought version of oden since it may make you hate Japanese food.

You can enjoy oden, lobsters, adobo, hot dog, and Vincisgrassi in an Indian restaurant offering international cuisines at affordable prices. Indian Food Zone can help you find such places.