The 7 benefits are:

1. More eco-friendly. Environmentally safe comes from organic farming that helps to preserve the natural ecosystem and helps to recover what is been destroyed and correct back the nature lifestyle of fauna and flora.

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2. More healthy. With organic foods, it eliminated all usage of artificial coloring, preservative, antiseptic, hence it maintains the most natural healthy foods as it is.

3. Safer. It helps to save our current human being health as well as our future generation health, since taking antiseptic and plants antibiotics is extremely endanger our health in long term as all these chemical will stay in our body and highly potential inherit to our future generations.

4. More tasty and delicious. You have the chance to really taste the natural flavor of the plantations rather than sometimes the vegetables taste so bitter like eating medicines.

5. More nutritious. The nutrition level of organic foods is much higher than the ordinary, chemical added plantation foods, the main thing is the not organic plantation they strike for faster grow rate of the plantations, hence it shorten the time needed for the plantation to accumulate enough nutrition and vitamin in it, instead pumping more chemical stuff for it to grow faster and bigger but not much good ingredients.

6. More humanitarian. Organic plantation practices eco-friendly and eco-save to all surrounding flora and fauna, they are all in one, in the same universe. Not too much not too less, no violence no toxic to all.

7. More imagination. This is interesting, as healthy organic foods and practice has endless imagination of goodness for us to explore. So this 7th benefits will open for all to imagine it!

The power drink recipe below is specifically cater for every working life people and it is the best to have it in the morning once you wake up from your bed. It helps to provide all the vitamins, energy you need to kick start your day, also help to prolong your youth and beauty.


Small cup of apple vinegar
1 type of seaweed
1 to 3 types of fruits (Any fruits like star fruits, apple, kiwi and others)
3 to 5 types of nuts (Any nuts like cashew nut, almond, cedar nut, and others)
2 to 3 types of sprouts (Any sprouts like alfalfa seed sprouts, green bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts)
3 to 5 types of vegetables (Any vegetables, better to have beetroot, carrot, celery, tomato, and others)


1. Put high fiber ingredients into the blender to blend first (like seaweed), then follow with thinner fiber ingredients to blend last.

2. Add in apple vinegar and some portion (either cold or warm) water to slightly blend it. If you have some cold hand or cold feet symptom, you can add in 2-3 slices of ginger to blend it together. Then serve it.