Slow and indirect cooking, this is what experts agree on as the most suitable method on how to barbecue ribs properly. The one mistake people tend to have when it comes to barbecuing meats is their preference for direct and high heat. Experts do agree in saying that the best way to having succulent and tender juicy ribs is by means of slowly cooking them under low heat. Any excesses relative to these factors are practically a waste for beginners.

Getting tired of charred and burnt meat? Thinking of ways on how to achieve that smoky flavor inherent in delicious steaks? Fret no more as you can finally learn how to barbecue ribs the right way.

1. In setting up your grill, it is best to be completely armed and prepared. No, it is no mere battle but it always pays to come fully equipped. Choose a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill. Doing so will likely help in achieving that smoky taste you foremost wanted.

2. As for gas grill users, you can place soaked wood chips for that real smoky flavor and taste. Charcoal grill users, meanwhile, can also make use of said wood chips and add them into the charcoal fire.

3. Learning how to barbecue ribs may require some patience and time. For one thing, the process may take a couple of hours that you need to be patient while cooking. You need to maintain an ideal temperature ranging from 200 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. You have to be consistent in adding wood chips after each lapsed hour. Doing so will ensure that the smoky flavor will be present once the ribs are done. Precooking your ribs also lessens the actual grilling time. In fact, cooking your ribs in a gas grill does not always ensure tender meat parts.

5. Seasoning and marinating the ribs comes with a defined rule at hand. Remember not to overdo your sauces or make sure to use ones with less sugar content. Many of the available barbecue sauces have higher levels of sugar in them, which is also a cause of burnt meat.

6. Learning how to barbecue ribs comes with a very simple idea. You have to be consistent both in your preparation and cooking time. You need to prepare all equipment so as not to forget any essential. Barbecue sauces should be applied before plating while you may use dry rubs as part of your marinating technique. Seasoning the meat or ribs should also be done overnight to seal all the flavors and to have flavorful ribs.

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