Terrine is a lovely French recipe made of forcemeat. Forcemeat is similar to a meatloaf, in the manner in which it is made. The dish is a combination of ground and lean meat emulsified in fat. This is just a rather imaginative way of preparing this type of dish. It used to be made by commoners but overtime, it has become one of the most popular items served many upscale restaurants.

You will find this dish in chicken, pork, beef or fish varieties. Chicken liver is also a common ingredient found in terrine recipes, and is known throughout the world as pate. In fact, a pate is a type of terrine.

These dishes are either warm or cold, depending on the preparation. It is quite normal, however, to serve it at room temperature. A sauce may complement its savory taste, but it is typically served plain.

You can also prepare this fantastic dish with vegetable, cheese and fruits for some variety.

Similarly, the word "terrine" refers to the kitchen ware used to cook the dish. This also serves as the mold of the loaf. This would be the same earthenware used to bake meatloaf.

Common terrine recipes are seasoned and marinated with a variety of herbs and spices. Additionally, alcohol is used to enhance the flavour of the forcemeat. To prepare terrine recipes, combine ingredients and marinate them for several hours. Marinating overnight is also a good idea. There will be instances when marinating is not part of the procedure. This is true with fruit and vegetable terrine recipes.

After leaving the mixture to marinate, mix them once again. This ensures all ingredients are evenly distributed. At this point, the mixture may now be poured into the earthenware. You may grease it yourself or line it greaseproof paper. The loaf is then covered and placed in a large pan with water. This cooking method, also known as bain-marie, allows terrine recipes to evenly bake without any chance of getting burnt.

Once it is done, the dish is then removed from the pan and then cooled. It is then refrigerated for one or two days. With this type of recipe, you are required to place something heavy on top of it while it is in the fridge. This ensures that no air pockets will form, which will help keep the loaf smooth.

Various catering consultancy firms are aware of the popularity of terrine dishes, as these are often requested during parties and events. Over the years, there have been hundreds of variations on this French delicacy created. What used to be plain pates has evolved into a more complex marriage of different ingredients.

Seafood is one ingredient preference of many chefs today. Pates used to be popular terrine choices, but meatloaf recipes are now being enjoyed by a large majority today. Even dessert recipes have been derived from this basic French cooking method.

Figuring out what to serve with this French dish can be tricky. It is protein rich, and is best served as an appetizer rather than as a meal in itself. You may pair this with a hearty soup or a pastry, and then finish it off with a light dessert.

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