Christopher Carson better known as Kit Carson was an explorer, scout, trapper, Indian agent, rancher and soldier during his 60 years of travels throughout the southwest. Born on Christmas Eve in Madison County, Kentucky, in 1809, Kit was the 9th of 14 children. When he was still an infant, the family moved to Howard County, Missouri where Carson spent most of his early childhood in Boone's Lick. His father died when he was only nine years old, and the need to work prevented Kit from ever receiving an education.  At the age of 14, Kit was working as an apprentice to a saddle and harness maker. However, the young man soon became restless and after about a year he joined a wagon train heading west on the Santa Fe Trail in 1826.

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From the Santa Fe Kit went north to Taos where he worked as a cook, errand boy and harness repairer. When he was 19, he was hired for a fur trapping expedition to California, where, in spite of his small stature (he never exceeded 5 and a half feet) he soon proved himself able and courageous. And behind every good man there is a good woman.

Bowl Of The Wife Of Kit Carson

1/4 c chicken (or turkey),Cooked

-meat,in bite-sized pieces

1/4 c rice,cooked

1 c rich chicken broth

1/4 c garbanzo beans,Cooked

1 pn leaf oregano

1/4 whole chipotle pepper


1/4 whole avocado,sliced

1/4 c Monterey Jack (or Muenster) Cheese,cubed

Heat broth to boiling and add chicken (or turkey), garbanzos,

chipotle pepper, rice and oregano. Serve in large individual bowls, and add cheese pieces and avocado just prior to serving.