In discussing recipes for sir fry sauces, we have come to realize that the variations of stir fries rely mostly on the stir fry sauces.   There are several hundreds of various stir fry sauces while we also have hundreds of cooks around the world today.   This means each cook makes their own personalized stir fry sauce that leaves them a mark in the cooking industry.  Generally, a basic stir fry sauce is one that every cook should master how to make.  Having a stir fry sauce can easily flavor a wide variety of dishes with seafood, vegetables, chicken, turkey and other meat.   And in mastering one, you can easily master the rest.  

Stir fry sauce
Vegetarian stir fry
Stir fried chicken
Tasty Teriyaki Pork and Cabbage Stir Fry

Widely popular today, stir frying is an easy and quick method of cooking a meal in just a few minutes, but sometimes we miss the flavor we want due to the sauce itself.  However, do not be scared because stir fry sauces are easy to prepare and has very few ingredients to change flavors into several saucy flavors.  
In preparing your sauce, always remember that the cornstarch is the basic thing that makes the sauce thick however, it does not add flavor to your dish at all.  It is by the combination of the remaining ingredients which actually dictates the flavor of your dish.   
In preparing a basic brown sauce for stir frying there are two basic means of preparing it.  Firstly, a basic brown stir fry recipe is prepared by combining soy sauce, liquid cornstarch or slurry, garlic plus ginger and molasses.   While most Chinese restaurants use the thick soy sauce to substitute the combination of soy sauce and molasses, this basic sauce can easily be perfected in your kitchens every time.  If you have used thick soy sauce before, you may have discovered that it has a heavier texture and is sweeter.  That is why you have to use more soy sauce if cooking with a soy sauce stir fry at home. 

 If you love Asian food, this recipe can easily flavor up meat, vegetables and other forms of protein in an instant.  This recipe is very basic and you can easily customize it according to your family's taste.  

     soy sauce
     ouster sauce
     rice wine vinegar
     brown sugar
     fresh ginger
     red pepper flakes
     hoisin sauce
     sesame oil

     Begin to prepare the brown sauce by combining in a small mixing bowl brown sugar (two teaspoons), soy sauce (four tablespoons), rice vinegar (one and a half teaspoons) and oyster sauce (two teaspoons).  

     Then in a separate cup, combine together cornstarch and water to make a paste and add the cornstarch slurry to the bowl.  Stir together until smooth.  
     Finally add freshly grated ginger (one teaspoon) and red pepper flakes (one teaspoon) for heat.  Stir again together thoroughly to combine the sauce. Your sauce is ready.

     You can add the sauce to sautéed vegetables and toss them in a large wok when almost done.  Please lower the heat to medium heat on your American stove.  Always bring to a boil and thicken the sauce before removing the dish to a plate for serving. 

     Remove the veggies to a platter and serve with hot steaming rice.  Please continue to stir fry after making this recipe for stir fry sauce in your kitchens.