Three of the best steaks are the sirloin steak, the dry aged steak and the beef skirt steak. Many people eat these steaks every day but have little idea what the terms sirloin steaks, dry aged steaks or beef skirt steak means.

Sirloin steaks are named from Middle English meaning above the loin near the hip. It is cut from the lower portion of the ribs and can be split into two distinct sections. The top sirloin steaks are generally the better and more tender meat and the bottom sirloin steaks are a much larger and tougher piece. When buying sirloin steaks, which are not, distinguished as either top or bottom sirloin, generally the bottom sirloin is being provided. There are also several other popular cuts of the sirloin steaks, including sirloin tips, pin bone, round bone and flat bone. Sirloin steaks are also generally less expensive than other top choice steaks and are widely used for a variety of preparations.

Rather than a specific cut of steak, dry aged steaks are a method of preparing steak. Dry aged steaks are hung in a refrigerated cooler for at least one to two weeks. Air circulation is key to the success of dry aged steaks. This process allows the moisture to evaporate from the meat, creating a much richer beef flavor, and the natural enzymes in the dry aged steaks break down to provide a more tender steak. Refrigerated storage is expensive, so generally only high-end meats will be dry aged steaks and are more expensive than other preparations of meat. The preparation also works better with a highly fat marbled steak.
Beef skirt steak is subdivided into inner beef skirt steak and outer beef skirt steak. The cut is made from either the plate or the flank of the cow. Outer beef skirt steak is the trimmed and boneless portion of the diaphragm, and the inner is a trimmed and boneless portion of the flank. These cuts are generally very flavorful but tougher than many other cuts. Beef skirt steak is the primary choice for cooking fajitas and Chinese stir-fry. Its tough nature makes the choice of cooking either very fast or very slow (braising). Beef skirt steak is a long, flat piece of meat with marbled fat throughout. Marinades are an extremely popular preparation method for the beef skirt steak to enhance both the flavor and the tenderness.

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