If you have never had the pleasure of dining at one of the many home style eateries that are sprinkled around the deep south, down around Louisiana and Mississippi then here is some information you may not know. That is that many of what you would call holiday dishes are served year round down there. So because they serve these dishes so often, they do like to make them extra special.

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Even so, come thanksgiving they pull out all the stops, so plain old thanksgiving recipes like roast turkey just won't cut it. Have you ever heard of a “turducken”. Simply put, a turducken is a boned turkey thats stuffed with a boned chicken that is in turn stuffed with a boned duck. Then this whole “thing” is injected with “flavor sauce”.

Does it sound good? Well it's more then that. It's fantastic but be forewared that you will need a full house full of guests to get a turducken eaten cause it can feed an army. Also don't put any classic turkey stuffing in one because they take hours to cook. In fact, it can take up to four horse to fully cook something like this.

Another one of the tasty southern recipes for thanksgiving you may not have ever heard of is a snack that you simply must try. Not don't be shocked but it's deep fried “dill pickle chips”. Sound crazy? OK. I thought the same thing when I first heard of them but believe it or not, they closely resemble fried green tomatoes in taste and texture.

Down around New Orleans they also do great pork dishes around holiday times and for parties. In fact one of the most popular thanksgiving recipes of this type is a pork tenderloin thats been injected with a wine based flavoring sauce. Your going to have to experiment around with your flavoring because often times they will have up to three separate pork tenderloins with three separate flavors set out.