The American bar & Grill, on Soi 8, recently expanded its menu offerings to include a number of diverse dishes that  also represent some regional American cuisines. 
There are now four Cajun/Creole dishes on the menu and four southern/Tex-Mex dishes along with a Sicilian-style lasagna (below), an authentic Maine lobster roll (above) and a French-Canadian favorite, poutine (below right). Why poutine, you may ask, since its not an American food? Since hockey season started, a number of Canadian guests have started coming in to watch games in the Soi 8 sports pub located on the second floor of the restaurant and apparently no hockey game is complete without beer and poutine.
The lasagna is on the menu because of one of the owner’s Sicilian heritage and the other dishes are classic regional favorites. The Cajun/Creole dishes include shrimp etouffe (above right), gumbo, jambalaya and blackened redfish. The southern/Tex-Mex dishes include chili, biscuits and gravy, nacho fries and chicken-fried steak.
And the authentic Maine lobster roll is a New England delicacy that is unique to American Bar & Grill since no one else in Bangkok serves one to the best of our knowledge. Instead of having to spend at least 1,800 baht (and in many places, more) to get some excellent lobster you can now enjoy a great lobster roll for 525 baht.
In addition to the really good food already on the menu here there’s now even more variety at this basic American comfort food spot.
American Bar & Grill, Soi 8, 085-486-1155