Christina’s Kitchen is one of the newest additions to the Sukhumvit dining scene although it’s hard to say if that’s still true considering how fast places are popping up nowadays. However, although her restaurant may be new Christina Smith has been cooking food for quite some time now starting in her native city of Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia. That makes her a southerner and while some of her cooking is definitely southern oriented it’s more just like good old American cooking.
Christina specializes in cooking food the way her mother made which means it might be like your mother made too. It seems from looking at the menu and tasting some of the dishes she offers in her small, cozy place on Soi 20, that she has probably served most, if not all, of these dishes to her family of five over the years.
The food here is unpretentious and unadorned but very tasty and made in a homemade style if not in a home kitchen. And though the kitchen may not be large the menu is good sized with six to 10 items each in five different sections: starters, soups and salads, sandwiches, main courses and side dishes so you won’t get bored with her menu soon. There are also desserts and a kid’s menu with items such as hot dogs, hamburgers and mac and cheese.
On a recent visit we tried the dishes you see pictured on this page and loved the Cuban sandwich with its slow-cooked pork (24 hours), ham, cheese and pickles on a delicious bun. The Buffalo wings are made just right — deep fried to a crispy finish with a light coating, which according to Christina helps keep the sauce on the wings, Henry’s original wings sauce by the way.  And the potato skins are made with cheese and bacon and served with real sour cream.
There are many other dishes we’d like to try here but it’s going to take a while to make our way through this menu because the portions are good sized. But we’re anxious to check out the chicken pie, the meatloaf, the deviled eggs, the chili, the stuffed jalapenos and a bunch more.
This little slice of Americana stuck here in Sukhumvit is going  to be providing great home-style food for many people for a long time.
Christina’s Kitchen, Soi 20, 087-038-5711