ARBY'S RESTAURANT is best known for roast beef sandwiches.

It also offers popular Market Fresh sandwiches, curly fries, wraps, Jamocha shakes and salads. Arby's also sells Chicken Naturals, 100% all-natural chicken in sandwiches and tenders.

When foodservice veterans Leroy and Forrest Raffel opened the first Arby's in Boardman, Ohio, in 1964, customers enjoyed roast beef sandwiches, potato chips, and Texas-sized iced teas.

To name their new venture, the brothers decided on Arby's, which stands for R.B., the initials of the Raffel Brothers - although many suspect the R.B. stands for roast beef.

In 1964, Arby's created its famous Roast Beef Sandwich. Since then it's become a cult classic, representing what's great about being anything but the usual. Their classic sandwich has Arby's thinly sliced, oven-roasted beef piled high inside a toasted sesame seed bun. Try it with their delicious Arby's Sauce, or for an extra kick go with the zesty easily made Horsey Sauce.

Newer popular entrees are Arby's Reuben with Corned Beef or Turkey -- Melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing with your choice of freshly sliced corned beef or oven-roasted turkey on toasted marble rye bread make the Market Fresh Reuben nearly impossible to resist.

And their BLT -- Strips of thick cut pepper bacon with green leaf lettuce, ripe tomatoes and mayo on toasted thick sliced honey wheat bread.  

>>> If you want to prepare a delicious meal to impress family, friends or even a hot date - here are Arby's most popular recipes of all time...


--Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich--

Thinly sliced roast beef from the deli

1 can of beef broth

 toasted sesame seed hamburger buns


Place the roast beef and broth in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for a minute or two to warm.

Add a light coating of butter to the inside of the bun and toast lightly.

Place the warm roast beef on the bun. Pile as high as you like.

Just add Arby's Famous Sauce or zestier Horsey Sauce...


--Arby's Famous Sauce--

1 cup ketchup

2 tsp water

2 tsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp Worchestershire sauce

1/2 tsp Tabasco sauce

1/4 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Combine all the ingredients into a sauce pan.

Cook over medium heat.

Stir constantly until sauce boils for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Will keep in the refrigerator for a month or two.


--Arby's zesty Horsey Sauce--

1 cup mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

3 tablespoons creamed horseradish

1 tablespoon sugar or 2 packets Equal sugar.

Mix all ingredients well.

Keep refrigerated, tightly covered.

Use in 2 weeks.


--Arby's Apple Turnovers--

1 pkt puff pastry sheets

4 big cooking apples

1/2 C sugar

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

1 tsp lemon juice

1/4 tsp grnd cinnamon

1/2 c. confectioners' sugar

1 Tbsp. water

Peel, core and slice apples.

In medium saucepan over low heat, cook apples with sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice and cinnamon, stirring frequently, till apples are tender. Chill till cold.

Thaw pastry sheets at room temperature 20 min.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Unfold pastry on lightly floured surface.

Roll each sheet into a 12-inch square and cut into four 6-inch squares. Place 1/4 c. apple mix in center of each square. Brush edges with water.

Fold to create triangles, seal edges firmly with a fork. Place on 2 baking sheets.

Bake 25 min or possibly till golden brown. Cold on wire rack. Sugar drizzle: In small bowl, mix together confectioners' sugar and water. With spoon, drizzle on turnover, allow to set before serving.