Actually, Aston Kitchen may have invented a whole new form of music all its own in terms of its relationship to other restaurants, at least here in Bangkok. We’re not sure exactly what the inspiration was for the rather unusual menu (in our estimation) that is presented here, even after talking to chef Ton at length but whatever it is the chef, and his staff, are confident and bold in their approach.
The menu consists of a five-course set menu that varies on occasion but basically, according to our understanding, stays the same all the time. There is also a small menu of appetizer-type dishes that is available and is primarily for the downstairs bar. 
A word about the decor is also in order as the restaurant is not large, seating 28 in the main room, and is a modern day take on Swiss Family Robinson, nestled into trees down the soi a ways.
Two of the chef’s signature dishes are pictured here, the lamb chop main course and the scallop appetizer. As you can see, the dishes are in the style of the nouvelle cuisine that was originally popularized the U.S. The food is pretty but not too fussy and the portions are not made for people who value quantity over quality. The 2,800 baht price tag could seem to be a bit much but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The approach here may seem foreign to some but may be beautiful music to others.
Aston Kitchen, Soi 31, 089-787 4400