Having been to many hotel buffet restaurants over the years we’ve experienced a number of different style that are adopted in presentation. There are hotels, for instance, that provide a large quantity of food whose quality may be somewhat lacking; there are those that present less of a selection with a high level of quality and there are a few that offer both quality and quantity and this is what the Atrium in the Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit Road employs as its concept.
There are some places that actually offer a bigger selection but the Atrium’s is more than adequate for even those with large appetites and the buffet items combined with the live cooking stations offer plenty of options.
One thing that must be mentioned here that is impressive apart from the food is the friendliness and competence of the staff. Rarely have we seen such good service and every staff meber smiled and seemed to treat every customer as if they were important. This is not something that you will see in many places as many of you probably are aware of already.
But on to the food which we found to be similar to many buffets but also containing enough unique touches to make things interesting. The first such item was a beetroot gazpacho which was served a sort of shooter. This was so good we had to sample three of them. 
Then there was the deep-fried salmon done in a Thai sauce which was very good and not something we’ve seen in recent memory. The cold mussels next to the beetroot were delicious, especially paired with the spicy Thai-style sauce.
And then there were the numerous salad dishes that were from both Thai andinternational origin. One of our favorites was the one containing the salmon that is smoked by the hotel’s chefs. We also tried the same salmon by itself with some of the many accompanying ingredients that are not usually found at most places. We were informed by sous chef Jakob that they use several flavors when smoking the salmon and the flavor this day was coffee which turned out to be delicious. 
There’s also a separate salad station where you can make your own salad or have the staff member make a Caesar for you. There are too many other items to mention but all of the dishes we tried were of a very high quality and definitely worth trying.
The Atrium, Landmark Hotel, Sukhumvit Road, 02-254-0404