A newly rebranded Avenue New York Grill, on Soi 16, is intent upon offering customers a restaurant experience that wil remind them of the classic grills and steakhouses of New York city. And to a great degree they’re succeeding, with food and an atmosphere that are inviting and satisfying.
The menu here was designed to give diners a decent choice of dishes to choose from but is also focused on the heart of the restaurant — it’s grill. There are five different steaks, varying seafood specials and a burger that rivals any you’ll find in Sukhumvit or the whole city for that matter. They also utilize the grill to produce a great cooked-to-order half chicken that is juicy with a crisp skin.
The steak selection, which will be expanded over time acording to the management, is made up of a flank steak, a New York strip, a ribeye and a tenderloin, all of which are imported. There’s also a Thai tenderloin that is sold for only 395 baht but which is very tasty and quite tender. This might be one of the best steak deals around.
All of the steaks are cooked well by the chefs in the kitchen who have obviously been trained in the use of a grill. Our selections here were delicious and cooked to exactly the right temperature, our own favorite being medium rare. 
There is also a new menu item that has just been introduced and that’s a steak sandwich for 325 baht. It’s served with cheese and grilled onions on a bun and comes with fries. It’s quite a good value as the steak is tender and the portion is good-sized. This is more of a casual dining menu item but Avenue is not just for people looking for a more formal type of place but also for people who are looking for something a little lighter but still want to have some grilled steak.
Also new is a Manhattan clam chowder which is different from the New England style chowders in that the base is made with tomatoes, not milk and cream. It’s the quintessential New York soup that’s been served in New York restaurants for about 150 years or so.
There are a number of side dishes to accompany the main courses and also a separate bar menu that includes sliders, wings, meatballs, onion rings and stuffed peppers.  If you like authentic cole slaw and potato salad you’ll find those here too. And they may have the best apple pie in Bangkok if you have room for dessert.
One thing to keep in mind about this place is the value for money. Prices are moderate for quality of this level. Along with its new menu and casual surroundings Avenue is a place worth checking out some time soon. And if you go for happy hour from 6-7 PM you can even try free steak sandwiches that are very tasty.
Avenue, Soi 16, 086-050-6355