There are many unique meats available for sale apart from your basic hamburger and chicken, including English back bacon, Cajun deep fried turkeys, and pork bacon.  This article will take focus on back bacon, and the differences between the American version, "rashers," and English back bacon. 
    Back Bacon is part of the loin of the pig, and it usually leaner than other cuts of the animal—often a desirable feature for a meat. It contains a larger amount of meat for the weight of the cut. English back bacon almost has a softness like ham because the fat isn't there to become hard and crispy when cooked or fried. Two of the biggest brands of back bacon are United Kingdom varieties, such as Morgan Hill and Irish Morn brands.
    Some people are able to tell the difference between the cuts of meat because they are very into bacon and have experienced a lot. Other people wouldn't know the difference between back bacon and regular Pork Bacon, because they aren't so startlingly different. Yet they are different enough that English people love their English back bacon, and they won't settle for anything else. The taste is very satisfying. Contrasting with English back bacon is the American back bacon which has different flavors through a smoking process, such as hickory and corncob, or sweeter varieties such as cinnamon and maple.  
    Cuts change as region changes, and you find that even pork bacon, like back bacon, will morph a bit as you travel the U.S. from North to South. Flavors are sweeter or more savory as you move around, so going on a back bacon tour wouldn't be a bad idea if you really are into bacon. MH Foods, Inc has developed a line of unique Deep Fried Turkey products including Fried Turkey and Deep Fried Whole Chicken. You can buy fried turkey which is Juicy & fully cooked. Fried turkey recipe is simply wonderful. MH Foods, Inc presents a group of specialty bacon products with their own unique characteristics. Some of the bacon products are English back bacon, Danish bacon, Irish bacon, pork bacon and many more. Bacons are an important part of any traditional Irish breakfast. It is usually made from side and back cuts of pork.  
    With back bacon, you can impress your guests at a full breakfast by tactfully crisping and preparing the meal's main meat, sizzled to perfection. English back bacon from Morgan Hill or Irish Morn tends to be a prime choice that will delight any picky eater.