For our readers that are maybe slightly less well versed in the idioms and slang of the English language, being The Bomb is a good thing. Very good, in fact. And Bangkok Betty qualifies on two counts: its food and its decor.
It’s difficult to portray the decor here with photos so you really have to go there to fully appreciate this intricately designed space, the latest brainchild of designer Ashley Sutton. Suffice it to say that it looks like a 1940s-era bomb factory, for whatever reason, and the attention to detail and overall inventiveness are rather impressive.
The food that’s put on the plate by chef xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is equally inventive and also comes with an impressive attention to detail. His flavor combinations are great and the execution of the dishes, from a closet-sized kitchen, is spot on.
The pork belly was a revelation, the crab cakes were probably the best we’ve had in Bangkok, the foie gras (left) was perfectly cooked and complemented by a delicious sauce and the beef short ribs meatloaf was impossible to stop eating. Back to the pork belly: what a delicious mix of flavors and textures this dish is and it’s certainly the best we’ve had in this city.
Four dishes do not an entire menu make but it’s hard to imagine this chef striking out on the other dishes that are included on this not overly large, eclectic menu. There are enough varieties of food on it to please most palates and the prices are more than reasonable.
Check out Bangkok Betty soon and prepare to have both your taste and visual senses assaulted but in a good way that will make you want to do it again. 
Bangkok Betty, Soi 22, 085-293-6499