Save money on dinner tonight by using your crockpot to make your own shredded barbecued pork. This recipe, along with my special homemade barbecue sauce, is not only delicious but easy to prepare.

Slow cookers are great for budgeting both time and money. Cooking in a crockpot will tenderize less expensive cuts of meat and energy use is low too because a crockpot takes less energy to create a tasty meal than baking it in your oven.

With a little planning ahead, crockpots can save you lots of time in answering that age-old question ; "What's for dinner?"

How to Make Shredded Barbecue Pork

Start with a four pound pork roast. Place it in your crockpot with a sliced onion and enough water to fill 2/3 of the slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper, Cover and cook pork on low for 8 to 10 hours.

While the pork roast is cooking, prepare this homemade barbecue sauce, a favorite recipe of my grandmother's.

Ingredients for Barbecue Sauce

2 tsp margarine 
1 medium onion chopped 
1 Tbs Worcheshire sauce 
2 Tbs vinegar 
4 Tbs brown sugar 
4 Tbs lemon juice 
1 tsp dry mustard 
1 c catsup

Melt margarine or butter over low heat. Add other ingredients and blend.

Once you've made your barbecue sauce, refrigerate until the meat is done.

When your pork roast is finished cooking, take it out of the slow cooker and throw away the water and onions.

Let the pork cook and then, using a fork, pull the meat apart. Once you've shredded all the meat, return it to the crockpot. Add the homemade barbecue sauce and mix thoroughly with the shredded pork.

Cook on medium for 1-3 hours, or until the onions are soft.

Serve the shredded barbecued pork on a large, whole wheat bun with baked beans and a salad for a complete dinner idea.

© Copyright 2008 by Joan Jones

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