The secret in the best barbecue ribs is not necessarily in the sauce itself, but more on the preparation procedure. For the best barbecue ribs, it is advisable that you combine boiling and grilling process. Reduce the grilling time for your ribs by boiling them first before grilling them in low heat. Doing this also ensures the tasty juices are kept inside the meat before slicing them.

To do this, just simply follow these steps.

1. Fill a stockpot halfway with water and ensure that the ribs are positioned upright so you can get even cooking. You can also add some of the initial spices needed here so you can blend in well the needed desired taste before even starting grilling them. Adding salt into the water is ideal, but is not necessary in some recipes.

2. Bring the pot into a boil. You need maybe around 30-45 minutes before you can start transferring the ribs into the grilling process. Just make sure you have followed the kind of recipe you're following before boiling the entire meat, so that you won't be getting undesirable results with your meat. The different tastes you can get from different recipes may also rely on how long you put your meat into a boil, so make sure you also consider that. What is important to take note here is that the recipe you have in making the best barbecue ribs should strictly be followed. Nothing beats following the right procedures in grilling the perfect meat.

3. Take them from the stockpot and grill them in low heat. This process is what makes grilling the ribs an enjoyable feat. You can now then play with different spices to lather about your meat and you can also start experimenting with the taste you want to get in the ribs because by this time, the ribs are tender enough to absorb better whatever taste from different spices you are trying to put into the ribs. Some people consider that the best barbecue ribs entirely depend on how you grill the meat in low heat for around 30 minutes to 2 hours, but that isn't a universally acknowledged trick. What's important in getting the best barbecue ribs is how you stick to the traditions of your barbecue recipe. Getting the right sauce for the ribs should also depend on how long you grill the ribs.

Now that you have the basics of how to barbecue ribs that will make your mother proud, wouldn't you want to try grilling the barbecue ribs you have in your refrigerator today?

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