Barbecue is always good; yet it is really good when you know exactly what the process involves, the are two main methods of grilling or making barbecue. Distinguishing the bet time to use each method is a pivotal factor in the end product.

These methods are Direct heat grilling and indirect heat grilling. The barbecue flavor and the degree you master this art is likely tied back to the method you have chosen for the food you are grilling.

Direct Heat Grilling-Over-riding Factors to Use this Method.

This not a hard one to figure out, but direct heat cooking implies you are cooking your meat or dish with the heat directly below the meat item, this works well with most items that will cook to completion in 45 minutes or less. The factors that anyone can control are distance from the heat and intensity of the heat source. Direct heat cooking uses temperatures ranging from 325 to 400 degrees depending on the item being prepared.

The number one basis is having a preparation time under 45 minutes.
Second factor is determining a good cooking temperature between 325 and 400 degrees.
Indirect Heat for Barbecue-How to decide When to Use It

Barbecue is asking for time, attention and nurturing, understanding these aspects of cooking good barbecue is important for achieving your goals. Indirect heat is generally needed when the cooking time is 1 hour or more and the desired temperature is 300 degrees or less. This is two factors that work in tandem to produce good results consistently, The main difference fro direct heat cooking is the heat source is outside or away from the meat being grilled. Many indirect heat barbecue grills have a separate fire-box to accommodate this method.

Barbecued ribs, brisket, pork butt and whole chicken are easily and successfully done using indirect heat, through controlling the temperature and proximity to the meat.

Deciding Factors for Indirect Barbecue Cooking

Meat Item being cooked-meats that require slow cooking for extended time periods to become tender.
Temperature requirements that are low in order to achieve the desired tenderness.
Overall surface are needed to cook a large meat item-indirect heat is preferred to prevent burning and underdone meat.
Meat items that sauce applied to add flavor need time away from the heat to avoid premature burning of the meat.
Deciding which grilling method is as easy as understanding time and space in barbecue and the flavors you may want to extract from the cooking process. Indirect heat grilling is the method of choice from those who want extreme barbecue flavor from their grill. Thy using indirect heat to ramp up your barbecue and the level of praise you receive.

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