When it comes to barbecuing there are a few things that can help improve your barbecuing experience. I would recommend a propane barbecue because I think using charcoal is much more of a hassle and a bit more difficult. With propane when you open the valve on the propane tank it opens the flow off propane and then when you turn the knobs on the barbecue the propane gets released into the grilling area and depending on how much you turn the dial the more propane will be released. With charcoal it is probably going to be a bit more volatile and you will probably have less control of the temperature.

A good thing to look for when buying a barbecue is something that displays the temperature on the outside. My barbecue has a small thermometer on the front of the barbecue that shows me what the temperature inside is. This is good for safety and cooking.

When barbecuing you should keep an eye on the flames, one flame going up into your meat or whatever food you are cooking could burn it and ruin it for you. I usually put my food in the middle of the grill for the least chance as I find most of the flames in my barbecue come from the sides. If there is a lot of flames coming up you should put your food on the top grill. It might take a bit more time to cook but it is definitely worth it by not risking burning your meat as it will burn easily in the pure flames.

Don't be afraid to experiment, the best way to make good food is to experiment. Don't worry about burning the food or if it doesn't come out right, cooking requires a lot of trial and error and you can never really know what it will taste like until you have tried it. There have been a lot of times I have failed and burned stuff when I was cooking but after a little time I was able to make amazing food so it was definitely worth the trial and error and soon you will learn to grill without burning meat.

My final tip is to love what you barbecue, enjoy it while it lasts because you made it and it is good stuff. Savor the taste because it sure beats going to a fast food joint. Also please go easy with the sauce.

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