The Bawarchi Indian restaurant chain, with four restaurants here in Sukhumvit, relies on creating quality Indian food on a consistent basis and it’s what has propelled its growth both here and abroad in India.
A recent visit to the Soi 11 branch of Bawarchi (which means “chef” in Indian) confirmed the fact that quality is foremost in the list of priorities here. An example is the tandoor lamb which you can pull apart easily with a knife and fork. Only the most skilled tandoor chefs can achieve this  kind of tenderness. It’s one of the first things we look for when assessing an Indian restaurant — the quality of the tandoor. It’s almost always an indicator of the overall quality of the entire menu and that proved to be the case here.
The other facet to this mini-chain is the fact that each of  the restaurants is consistent in producing its various dishes. This demands a high level of quality control and consistency of ingredients. Aiding Bawarchi in that respect is the fact that all of the Indian spices that are used in each of the restaurants comes from the company’s own facility in India that grinds all of the spices that are used by every one of their outlets. Spices are critical to the taste of just about every Indian dish so this fact is quite important to the company’s success.
The dishes pictured here — butter chicken at the top left, rogan josh above right, prawn biryani at the bottom right and prawn tawa masala at the bottom left are representative of the restaurant’s creamy, flavorful curries.
We were also very impressed with the black daal they’re serving here, a dish that takes a couple of days to prepare but which is well worth the time spent as it’s quite hard to stop eating.
The large menu contains all of the traditional Indian dishes you’d expect to see in a high-end place and, more importantly, the consistent quality will make you want to return after your first visit to any of their locations.