The Bed Supperclub on Soi 11 is, as advertised, a true supper club in the traditional sense of the word in that it offers dining and entertainment in one place. However, it transcends that narrow description somehow and really offers a unique experience to its clientele. It’s not easy to describe exactly what Bed is although you may, after visiting, feel like your experience was something altogether different than what you’ve done before.
I’m not sure restaurant or supper club is the term that most accurately describes Bed. I think it is actually more of a state of mind than anything else. Without getting too metaphysical here or downright spacey I think that the overall experience here depends more on the mood of the place than on the food, drinks or even the entertainment. It’s almost as if these various elements are subservient to the overall atmosphere and that you could be eating or drinking just about anything this excellent chef and sommelier have to offer and you would have just as enjoyable an experience. 
Maybe it’s the all-white atmosphere or the seating, which is actually just like being in bed, or the music which I usually can’t stand but which here seemed to be an organic part of the place or something else that is just in the air but I felt this sort of calm come over me and before I knew it I was relaxing, leaning back against the big pillows with my shoes off, drinking a  glass of wine (a rather nice chardonnay from New Zealand) and ready for whatever the chef decided to serve us. 
There was no pressure, nothing to think about and nothing to do but enjoy what unfolded in front of us. That included some rather eclectic entertainment, some delicious, well-prepared food and a choreographed service experience that was seamless and apparently effortless in its execution.
The food is modern and well done, the wine list is put together by a  master sommelier and the entertainment is always changing and always inventive and not to be categorized. Along with the white, womb-like surroundings, the experience offered by Bed is like no other.
Bed Supperclub, Soi 11, 02-651-3537