Most snacks that you love to nibble on with your drinks or while enjoying a nice movie in your leisure time, are usually filled with nothing but calories. Agreed, the fried and crunchy tid bits have a delicious flavour and are considered the ideal accompaniment with a glass of beer or as a pre-dinner appetizer.  However, would it not be nice if you could include some tasty as well as nutrient rich snacks for your leisurely drink time or as a nibble between meals? The best snack that is devoid of all fattening agents and is packed with wholesome nutrition is beef jerky. Anyone can fall in love with the flavour of jerky beef and it can be served for starters during dinner parties and family get-togethers.

Beef Jerky and Biltong Gifts for Australia's Rugby Fans
Beef jerky is prepared commercially in a hygienic manner by marinating slices of the highest quality beef, and air drying them in specially devised machines. After drying it to remove the excessive moisture, it is cooled and packed in air tight packets. To prevent any oxidation, small pouches of oxygen absorber may sometimes be inserted in the packets containing beef jerky. Australia based organizations producing beef jerky take effective steps to ensure total compliance with all HACCP Guidelines.

Like most other snacks, beef jerky too is available in a variety of tempting flavours. You can go for a natural beef flavour, black pepper variant, sweet and spicy jerky, smokey jerky or a spicy hot chilli beef jerky. Indeed, once you get addicted to the delicious taste of Aussie beef jerky, you may like to buy all flavours to prepare a sweet-salty-spicy assortment.

Beef is a well known rich source of protein. Along with this, it also provides Vitamin B, D and E. There are traces of minerals including calcium and iron in superior quality Australian beef.  So, when you relish beef jerky with your beer, there is no need to suffer from any guilt pangs from nibbling on a snack. Beef Jerky is not a junk food. Indeed, it is the best alternative to all the fattening snacks that are used with drinks. If you are on a diet and are striving to keep yourself away from all kinds of snacks, you can grab a pack of beef jerky anytime with no worries about gaining weight. The consumption of jerky beef also gives a feeling of fullness and has loads of satiety value. Therefore, the dieters can fulfill their appetite with a few pieces and also get the right nutrients.

So next time, when you decide to gulp down a pint or two of beer, make sure you have the right snack to enjoy the flavour. All your mates will also love beef jerky , for sure.