As a general rule, I do not consider something to be a Hamburger if it doesn't include beef.

It's not that I am against beefless burgers - it's just that they need to be called what they are. They can be "Salmon Burgers", or "Tuna Burgers", or "Veggie Burgers" - and there is nothing wrong with this. Why we have to always try and rename perfect good foods to something more common is beyond me. What I mean is, I would rather order a Veggie Burger or Salmon Burger than something called a "Meatless Hamburger."

And another thing - you don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to eat and enjoy a "sandwich" that doesn't include beef. Think of these as delicious alternatives or a change-of-pace and not poor substitutes and you will definitely enjoy them.

These are nobody's "poor relation."

3 Delicious Beefless Burgers from Chicago Eateries

The mistake many amateurs make with turkey or veggie burgers, is to think of them as beef. The traditional hamburger toppings - ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc - work on hamburgers because they taste good with beef. They have been tried and perfected on billions of burgers for the past 100 years.

They don't necessarily taste good on turkey or veggie patties.

The best chefs use topping that compliment the ingredients of the pattie they are serving.

The Turkey Burger at District Bar

At the District Bar the Turkey Burger comes with corn relish, alfalfa sprouts, piquillo aioli and Chihuahua cheese.

Now THAT'S how you top a Turkey Pattie. It is juicy and utterly delicious.

The District Bar is located at 170 W. Ontario St.

The Veggie Burger at Janes

The extra sloppy veggie burger at Jane's contains corn, carrots, zucchini, sqaush, quinoa, Parmesan and mozzarella. The toppings are Monterey Jack and wild mushrooms which add a nice complex smokiness to the whole thing.

This will make you forget all the weak garden burgers you have had endured before.

Janes is at 1655 W. Cortland St.

Tuna Burger at Sola

Personally I always prefer good fish to be lightly cooked and served without a bun. When I think of fish on bun, I think of the McSquare Fish or grade school lunch.

But if you must "ruin" a good piece of yellow fin by sticking it on a bun - you should do it like the guys at Sola.

On a pretzel roll that stack ground tuna (with capers and red onions) with ginger mustard, raw red onion, plum tomatoes and a scallion mayo.

Visit Sola at 3868 N. Lincoln Ave.

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