Are you looking to buy a new grill that will give you and your family hours of pleasure and will last? What must you look for in a grill? I have been grilling for over ten years, living in South Africa our family would BBQ every chance we got.

My father has been manufacturing charcoal grills and has successfully sold thousands over the years. He taught me what practical features a grill needs and what to look for to see quality.

Here are my top ten tips to advise you on what to look for when buying you perfect grill.

1) Your Needs? - What are you mostly going to be using your BBQ for? Look for the practicality factor. Look to see how portable the grill is, or is it meant to be a stationary garden feature? Does it do what you want?

2) Size - Is the grill large enough for your needs? If you have a big family you going to need a large grill. You don't want to be sat the whole afternoon grilling over and over again to cook for the whole family. If you require something portable, make sure it is. Something small and compact with the correct carry bag will do the trick.

3) Grill Type - There are 3 types of grills to choose from these days charcoal, gas or electric. What do you require? Gas and electric will be the convenient option, where as you can't beat the taste of a charcoal grill. Just think what will suit your needs the best.

4) Quality - If you paying a lot of money for a grill, make sure you get what you paying for. Look for high quality materials and parts that will last you. Manufacturers are cutting costs and grills are being made cheaply, which deteriorate in no time. If you paying the money you want the quality. Stainless steel and high quality chrome steel are the good choice in BBQ materials.

5) Features - What features does the grill have? Is it what you need in a grill? Look to see if it can smoke, in-direct grill, rotisserie grill and bake. These are all features you made need in the future from your BBQ.

6) Accessories - What added accessories does the grill come with? Makes sure the manufacturer adds benefits to you the buyer. If you buying a portable grill make sure it has a suitable carry bag. Some manufacturers will add stands, legs or utensils in your purchase. To buy these accessories can be expensive.

7) Look - We all want a good looking grill! Some grills are coming out with stylish and innovative designs. Show off to family and friends with a great looking grill, it is the best way to put a smile on your face.

8) Easy to Use - Get a grill that the whole family can use, you don't know when you will be away and someone else will need to use your grill. Simple works best with a grill, the more complicated it is the more chance something will break or go wrong.

9) Safety - A huge concern with any BBQ, especially a gas grill. Make sure the BBQ is stable and doesn't tip over easily. All gas fittings are snug and won't deteriorate easily if it is a gas unit. Make sure all parts fit together snug together and don't wobble.

10) Price - Another important factor when purchasing a grill. Make sure you getting value for money, shop around compare units and prices. If a grill is more expensive then another, make sure you know why. Price is everything,no need paying more than you have to.

I hope these tips help you choose the right grill for you and gives you many hours of enjoyment.

I recently moved to Marbella Spain and enjoy the outdoors and beaches. Here is a link to my Best Charcoal Grills which come highly recommended.