Cooking dishes for family, restaurant, or for personal consumption using meat is a routine created by people. With this, it is expected that you have certain chops for every piece of meat that an individual partakes. Whether it is loin, grounded, or brisket, such cuts are necessary in preparation for the desired dish one wants to eat. But who does take attention to such anyway? Particularly, it is the one who prepares the food who must garner interest in this, or otherwise gain more knowledge in this area, to help increase a person or a group's appetite.

Here are the type of beef cuts and the best way to cook them:

1) Beef Brisket - perfectly located at the middle part of the neck and front legs, this cut is usually used for making pot roast. It takes a long process to tenderize as it is a coarsely textured muscle. It's the traditional choice for making corned beef.

2) Beef Rib - located at the back of a cow's shoulder, the middle part of rib. Usually, this cut is used for dry-heat cooking. They're the tender, delicious, and savory area of the cow. Dishes like rib roast, rib eye steak, barbecues include this beef cut.

3) Beef Sirloin - the bottom mid section of a cow's body. Just like the beef rib, it is also tender, savory, and delicious, with less fat. Usually picked for roasting, steaks, and barbecuing.

4) Beef Round - located in the back leg of the cow. The round cut is usually prepared through boiling, and can be great for dishes that requires braising.

5) Beef Plate - generally known as short plate, this cut includes the short ribs (located in the chest area), as well as the skirt steak. This cut contains a large amount of cartilage, which happens to be good for braising. Oh, and also this one is used for ground beef.

6) Beef Tenderloin - the finest beef cut located in the loin where filet mignon is taken. It comes from the pointy end of the tenderloin. On the other hand, the Chateaubriand is taken from the middle cut of the tenderloin. Beef tenderloin is best using dry heat cooking methods such as grilling and broiling.

7) Beef Chuck - a tough meat as it consist of the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm. This is good for braised beef dishes like beef stew and pot roast. It is also good for making ground beef.

8) Beef Short Loin - where all the desirable cuts are taken such as the T-bone, Porterhouse steaks, and strip steak. Dry heat cooking is the best way for these tender cuts.

9) Beef Shank - is the animal's leg and filled with ligament. This is best for making the Italian dish called osso buco.

10) Beef Flank - a tough meat that is usually marinated first before being grilled. This is great for braising and making ground beef.

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