If hot meatloaf and baked potatoes conjures up memories of sunday dinner in your mummy's kitchen, you certainly are not alone! Meatloaf is a beloved comfort food of those in every generation, and continues to be an evergreen favorite on the dinner table year after year. While all meatloaf recipes contain some of the same staple ingredients, meatloaf is a versatile dish that may be cooked and prepared in a giant range of ways . You can bet that no 2 recipes are the same, and each has its own unique flavour.

Recipes For Meatloaf
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First, lets take a look at ingredients. Nearly all meatloaf recipes call for some type of ground meat, be it meat, turkey or wild game. Most will also contain some sort of bread ingredient,eg crackers, dried bread crumbs or crushed croutons. To complete things off, diverse spices are added to give eachsimple meatloaf recipe its own particular flavor. As an example, salsa is often added to create a southwest flavour, and barbecue sauce can be added to give your meatloaf a smoked flavour. As well as these kind of ideas, there also are many twists on meatloaf that may be used to create an entire one-dish meal,eg adding a mashed potato topping. 

No matter the recipe, most meatloafs are quick and easy to prepare. Convenient small plates that don't require prep might include bagged salads, fresh rolls from the bakery, vegetable blends that may be steamed in the microwave, or pre-cut fresh fruit mixes. 

For those that prefer more traditional, home cooked sides, there are several different options that go well with meatloaf. Your best shot when it comes to selecting sides is adding ones which will compliment the flavour of your personal meatloaf recipe. Southwestern meatloafs often go well with sides that also have southwestern flavours such as mexicorn and mexican cheese blends. 

Naturally, dinner should be a delightful time, so don't feel like you have to stick with "matching" sides. And with the flexibility of meatloaf, you can easily experiment with new ingredients and flavour combinations to make a taste fully your own - one that may easily "match" fried green beans, deviled eggs, or any other side plate you might select. 

Most meatloaf recipes are easily as tasty hot as they're cold, and can be reheated for a repeat of dinner, or cut into sandwiches for a new taste. And naturally, there are lots of leftover meatloaf recipes out there, from easy chili, to shepherds pie, to tatertot casserole. So if you are prepared for a hot, home cooked meal that just might last you all week, then get out there and start attempting to find some simple meatloaf recipes today.