Nothing can beat sandwich whether you want to have it in breakfast, lunch or dinner. A sandwich can act as a fully contained meal which can be had for lunch or dinner or we can have it along with conjuring up memories of late night snacks with dad, or rainy day grilled cheese with mom, or that great sandwich you enjoyed in south of France may be on your honeymoon. Here we are talking about the sandwich of different level with some substance and not that simple ones or the regular ones. You will feel hungry soon once you browse our top best sandwich recipes listed below on web. But do not forget that it is actually made up of bread at the end of the day.

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1] The Pear and Gruyere Panini at fresh365 is a deliciously fresh, grown up version of grilled cheese sandwich. It's a great idea to start making your own rainy day memories and while your kids may get frightened before at first but then they will enjoy the nice mix of sweet and savory. They will definitely thank you later.

2] Are you looking to do something creative with the leftover meat and beets? Try Beet BBQ sandwiches from Eat make read. Just take some shredded beef, than follow the recipe for the home-made BBQ sauce by using tomatoes, spicy flakes, and pickled beets. The result is almost similar but new with an unexpected kick.

3] The Chicken Salad for Company recipe we came across at Ezra Pound cake is the chicken salad for those who don't usually like chicken salad. You get delicious concoction filled with bite-sized chunks of chicken, broccoli florets, red pepper and bacon. Make sure that the bread you use for this can hold up to the chunky salad.

4] Add up some spice in your life with the south Indian spicy salmon wrap from Curry and Comfort. This hot little number is filled with curry, coconut and spicy goodness that will not only bring the flavor but at the same time it is healthy choice too.

5] At times we just need a steak sandwich. The steak sandwich recipe from Smitten Garden which is adapted from Ina Garten caught our eye for the sumptuous picture and the simplicity. It consists just sliced New York strip, black pepper and thyme and topped with mustard mayo and baby arugula perched on a warm focaccia bun.

6] Conjure up the summer on Cape Cod with yummy Lobster Rolls recipe from It has warm lobster tossed in melted tarragon-lemon butter route rather than the mayonnaise-celery option.

7] For vegetarians in the house, we go back east for the Banh Mi with Lemongrass Tofu, a Vietnamese specialty courtesy of the kitchen. It is refreshing and flavorful combination of pickled carrots, daikon, fresh cilantro and tofu or meat if you prefer non vegetable, all of them stacked deliciously on a crunchy French baguette.

These are some refreshing recipes for sandwiches which can be useful for online moms to try out them at home. There are many other recipes available online for helping moms trying out new recipes.