There’s a hot new concept in Sukhumvit and you’ll find it at the Brazilia restaurant in the Hotel Mermaid on Soi 29. Brazilia is a Brazilian style steak and pizza restaurant that offers diners a whole new way of eating great beef and other meats along with a unique menu of pizzas. It’s been open less than a month but is already attracting large numbers of diners with its buffet dinners and a Sunday brunch.
As you can see from the photos, the different meats are brought to the table on a  spit and carved fresh to order. This is completely different than any other buffets you might got to and ensures that the wide variety of meats that are on offer are always fresh and juicy — no more dried out meats that have been sitting in a buffet steam table for who knows how long.
This, to us, was the most impressive feature of this buffet style. The chef comes out of the kitchen at intervals with the different types of meat — as well as shrimp, calamari and a delicious butterfish — and comes to your table to offer you whatever he has. He cuts off some slices, or in the case of the sausages, slides off some onto your plate and makes his way to the next table of diners.
If you’ve had enough to eat you simply turn over a card that has been placed on your table and display the red side of the card instead of the green side. Otherwise you stay and continue to eat as much of these very tasty offerings as long as you want for 699 baht ++.
Along with the tableside meats, which include lamb, top sirloin, sausages, rump steak, pork ribs and many more,  is a selection of salads, vegetables and some great black beans Brazilian style. And we haven’t even mentioned the Brazilian pizzas yet which are decidedly different from the Italian pizzas you’re used to. You’ll have to visit to try them as well because the list looks great. You may want to call ahead before you do, though, because business has been quite brisk since this hot new concept has been attracting a  lot of attention from Sukhumvit diners in its early days of operation.
Brazilia, Soi 29, 02-261-3841