Life was simple when we were young. There was no tension, no running around, no boss, no tension of cooking food etc. Our mother use to cook all our favorite dishes for us, weekends were usually spend with family doing backyard BBQ.

However, life is very different. Now one has to cook for themselves, do to office, clean your home, laundry etc. Gone were the day when we were young and tension free. In this running around, we mostly forget to take care of our health and eat good food. Hence, I thought of dedicating this article to all the people who are very busy. I will be sharing some easy ideas in this article with which one can eat healthy food even if they are busy.

Follow these tips-

  • Buy a slow cooker. Believe you me, they are a lifesaver. Slow cooker recipes are so easy to cook and delicious to have. All you have to do is to put all the ingredients in the cooker and select the setting from the manual. Forget your dish and when you will come home, a lovely warm meal would be waiting for you. Sounds like heaven, right?

  • Learn to love salads. Salads are easy to cook because you do not have to cook any vegetables in that. You can just chop all the vegetables you like such as bell peppers, olives, tomato, cucumber, onion etc. Toss some pre-cooked chicken/ham pieces and you are good to go with your dinner. Salads are not only healthy but they are full of fiber as well. They make you feel full for long and you don't get hunger pangs easily.

  • Get innovative and learn how to cook dishes with leftovers. Never waste a leftover food, use them next morning in a patty or sandwich. It will save your time as well as your money and you would be able to eat healthy without any major hassle. You can also use leftover food with rice or just like that.

  • Get a juicer-mixer-grinder. If you are in a hurry in the morning just through some fruits in the mixer and make a smoothie or perhaps a simple juice. This way you would not only be saving your time in the morning, you will also be eating healthy. JMG can also be great for late night hunger calls. You can easily make some yogurt smoothie for yourself.

As I said, these are just some trick which can be implemented in your daily life. These tips will help you in leading a healthy yet not-so-busy life. If you also have some time-saving ideas, do comment below.

This article is written by a person who keeps giving the simple tips and trick of cooking in busy life. He is a great fan of slow cooker recipespotato salad recipe and leftover recipes because according to him they all save time.

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