Butterball turkeys are one of the more familiar brands of turkey fryers available during the holiday season. There are several different ways to prepare them including roasting, smoking and frying amongst others. RELATED ARTICLES
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Many different brands offer products that allow families to deep fry a turkey. While there are a couple of types of products are available, Butterball has teamed up with Masterbuilt to offer two different official Butterball turkey fryers. Masterbuilt produces a variety of cooking products without the Butterball brand, but the two products that are offered together by Masterbuilt and Butterball are the Butterball digital electric fryer and the Butterball oil-less electric fryer.

Turkey Fryers

For quite a while, one of the very well known ways to prepare a turkey for the holiday season has been to deep fry the bird in hot oil perched over an open gas flame. However, the safety issues underlying in this method cause some to be concerned. Placing the fryer too close to walls in a house or other buildings present a serious fire hazard, as can deep frying a turkey the traditional way indoors. There is now a simpler and safer method of preparing a turkey that are very close to traditional deep frying. These new tools can still cook the bird with the crispy skin and moist meat that are the signs of a properly fried bird.
Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt

The indoor electric turkey fryer made by Masterbuilt under the Butterball name is touted to be safe and easy to use. Designed for indoor use, this device simplifies cooking and reduces the amount of oil needed to produce the desired result. The fryer has a cover that reduces the danger of splattered oil once the bird has been immersed and a basket allows the turkey to be positioned prior to lowering it into the oil for extra safety.
Butterball Oil Less Electric Turkey Fryer

The Oil-less turkey fryers are designed to make frying a turkey a much safer process than frying with hot cooking oil. Consumers who have tested oil-less fryers said that they produce the same crisp skin and juicy, moist interior that oil fryers produce without the mess and added calories from fat that are usually part of the deep frying process. The Butterball Oil-Less Electric Turkey Fryer trasmit the well known Butterball brand name and is manufactured by the Masterbuilt Company.
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