If you want to provide a special food for your customers, you have to know how to pick out the right steak for that particular preparation. Though you can walk into a local meat shop to purchase the steak you are looking for, purchasing the right ones approved by USDA is the safest for eating. Many firms like National Steak and Poultry provide USDA approved steaks in different sizes. You can purchase freshly-cut, marinated and cooked steak online for your restaurant without worrying about the quality.

Steaks come in different qualities. If you want the best steak, poultry or fish, buy Prime. Depending on the preparation, you can look for different types of steaks.

Flank steak – taken from the bottom side of the cow

Filet mignon - a piece of tenderloin

Chuck Steak - meat from ribs and neck
Rib eye - from prime rib

Sirloin steak – taken from he hip

Skirt steak - from the diaphragm

T-bone steak - comes from the tenderloin and strip connect by a bone

The above are the types of steak you can get from anywhere. Now you have to decide which one will best suit your preparation. Also keep in mind that steaks from different parts of the cow will cost different. For instance, Sirloin steak will be more expensive than other steaks. Once you are sure which part of the body to purchase, you can buy it online from any of the leading steak providers like National Steak and Poultry.

For making your steak preparation, companies sell pre cut steaks for ready cooking so that you don't have to cut them again. Fresh cut steaks can be used to make any preparation. You can also opt for marinated steak or fish for your specific needs. Pre cooked steaks are also available from firms like National Steak and Poultry. When purchasing steak online, make sure your steak company ships your steak on time. Do remember that high quality steak will taste good and you will retain your customers.