Most catered events rely on six staples capable of pleasing every partygoer. If you've ever wondered what your preferred hors d'oeuvres says about you, we have the answer. Is your favorite on the list?

1. Mini quiche. Usually available in a variety of flavors, mini quiche is pie for the anti-social. You don't want to share. Your date backed out at the last minute. You want to cower in a corner and enjoy your mini quiche smorgasbord. A good catering company has your lonely heart covered.

2. Meat on a stick. It's a jungle out on that dance floor and you need your protein. Chicken, steak, shrimp; it doesn't matter. A good catering company knows you can't waste time with plates. You've had three glasses of Merlot and you're ready to show off your chicken dance. Grab as many of those savory pops as each hand can hold and get out there.

3. Several sauces. They go with the stick meat. You're trying to impress that bridesmaid with your mad foodie instincts. Tell her it's horseradish with a hint of dill-it is probably horseradish with a hint of dill! Just to be safe, ask the nearby waitstaff. Good catering staff will pitch in to help you impress her.

4. Stuff wrapped in bacon. Food is good. Food wrapped in bacon is amazing. You just did all the line dances. You're drenched in sweat. You need to take a break and refuel. Should you leave the dance floor though? YES! A good catering company wouldn't want you to collapse on the dance floor in a fit of hunger. Those bacon wrapped figs are going fast and if you don't act now you could miss out on a great culinary experience. They're that good.

5. A signature cocktail. The bride is a trauma nurse and the groom is a massage therapist. A good catering company would invent a signature cocktail for them called "The Healing Touch." It's two fingers of vodka, ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and a sprig of mint (it signifies "life"). Your normal drinking habits involve drinking light beer on a patio with your buddies. You never get anything as fancy as MINT. You just want to drink as many of these as possible.

6. An assortment of little pastries. Usually a gorgeous and colorful assortment of tiny sweets laid out oh-so-daintily on a table. You feel guilty about eating them-such beautiful work gone in one bite. A good catering company knows that guilt is useless. They've made plenty of those little of desserts. Dig in.

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