If you’ve never been to Cellar 11 yet then you’ve missed out on being in what is certainly Sukhumvit’s most ambitious wine bar/restaurant.
It’s definitely the largest and with 7,000 bottles of wine and 1,000 different labels it’s the most well stocked. The variety of wines here is astounding and runs from 1,000 baht  bottles to a Mouton Rothchild 2002 that goes for 42,500 baht.
This sprawling building is set on a piece of land that can  park 70 cars and used to be a private residence. It’s tucked in behind the President Solitaire hotel on Soi 11. 
The owners have done a great job of renovating the space and making it into a number of different areas that   give you the feeling at times of being in a wine shop, a cafe, a restaurant, a deli and a wine cellar. There’s also a large outdoor seating area for cooler weather.
The photo above (and above right on the next page) shows the wine shop section of the building which is where the main entrance is located. You can tell immediately upon entering that this is indeed a serious wine haven. The several hundred bottles on display are not just for looks, either, as guests can purchase any of these wines for taking home. 
You can also purchase high-end Riedel wine glasses as well. There is a large communal-type table in this space that can be used for drinking wine or dining and the feeling here is comfortable and relaxed. 
The downstairs dining room is off to the right of this opening space (see photo right) and is a bit more formal but still has a casual touch as well. This is provided in part by the bar area and also the deli-style corner (above) that is utilized during the early evening as part of a happy hour when guests can drink wine and nibble on the cheese and meat offerings.
For dining there are several areas both public and more private. The main dining room is on the ground floor but there is also a special chef’s kitchen type of room with a table surrounding a small kitchen setup so that guests can watch the chef actually cook the food in front of them.
The other private rooms are downstairs in the form of two wine cellar type spaces and also upstairs where there are two more formal private dining rooms. These spaces look like they’d be great for any kind of business or personal function and are quite well appointed.
When we visited recently we tried some of the menu — and wished we had been able to try more because the food here is very good. One stomach can only hold so much, however, and after some oysters (fin de claire and belon) a cold cut plate, some truffle soup, a Caesar Salad and a Thai-French charcoal grilled striploin there wasn’t much room left.
The oysters were fresh and tasty, having been flown in the day before, the Caesar Salad had the right amount of tang in the dressing — something lacking in many area eateries — the cold cut plate had some great salami and mortadella and the striploin was relatively tender and very flavorful with the charcoal adding an important element.
The menu is comprehensive and offers diners everything from chicken to lamb and seafood and other steaks that are imported from the U.S and Australia. The prices are not cheap but quite reasonable considering the quality level. And each menu item comes with a wine pairing suggestion, a good idea that more restaurants should employ.
Cellar 11 is definitely worth a visit and if you’re a woman and you visit on Tuesdays you can drink wine for free. But this sophisticated place is worth a visit any time if you’re really into fine wine and food.