In what must certainly be the Sukhumvit area’s smallest kitchen, Australian chef Roland Graham uses his 40-plus years of experience to create some great food six nights a week.
Shoehorned into 15 square meters of space are a kitchen and dining area that will accommodate up to about 12 people at a time. As you can see from the photos, not an ounce of space appears to have been wasted in this compact, efficient place.
Roland’s menu contains some fairly basic items but in such a small kitchen like his this is a necessity. And in addition to the regular menu of burgers, pies and sausages he also has specials which can include Wagyu steak. 
That’s also what he makes one of his burgers with and the combination of tender beef along with goat cheese and mushrooms is quite delicious. A lamb navarin pie is also very good and has a nice flaky crust which is rare to find around here.
He also grinds his own meats in addition to making his own ketchup. His attention to small details even extends to creating a special blend of salt for his fries which are fresh and hand-cut and are noticeably better than the frozen variety you find just about everywhere else.
Everything here is done to a high level of quality and, considering the conditions he works in, Roland does achieve an amazing feat here. It’s definitely worth a visit to Chef Bar but show up early to get a seat as he can’t take reservations because of limited seating. Once you do get to eat, however you’ll find that smaller can sometimes be better.
Chef Bar, Soi 23, 080-052-7336