With the average shelf life of restaurants here (and around the world in general) it’s unusual when restaurants continue to stay in business for much more than a year or two. There are many reasons for this happening but it’s usually due to inexperience and/or faulty decision-making.
The two owners, Tomas and Rene,  of Chesa, the 14-year old Swiss restaurant on Soi 20 were already very experienced chefs when they started Chesa and have avoided making bad decisions. And actually their smartest decision may have been to work together in the first place. Friends for years before they started Chesa, they have maintained and even strengthened the friendship and now operate the restaurant in a seemingly effortless manner. Yes, there is always plenty of work that goes on behind the scenes in any restaurant but outwardly Chesa looks like a well-oiled machine that continues to do good business month after month.
They have a dedicated following amongst both the expat community and Thais and this is probably one of their greatest strengths. Of course, their food is the centerpoint of the restaurant and the menu offers diners a wide variety of traditional Swiss dishes that many diners may not be familiar with.
On a recent visit we tried  a dish for the first ourselves, a Swiss chard wrapped dumpling (above left) that had bacon, onions and cheese in a creamy sauce. Although not usually a big fan of dumplings we were nevertheless impressed with the flavors and mix of ingredients that made this dish so enjoyable. 
Our other selection during this visit was the veal and kidney in a champignons mushroom sauce (left). High quality veal was one of the main reason this dish succeeded but the creamy sauce and perfectly cooked roesti potatoes also contributed. 
The rest of the menu contains more traditional fare and there are seasonal and special dishes that are offered at various times also. There are both hot and cold appetizers as well a soups and a good selection of pastas. The meat section is the largest but there are also several fish dishes and our next selection from this menu would have been the deep-fried perch, a dish we can’t remember seeing on any menu here for quite some time.
The food is served in two bright, airy rooms that are casually elegant and the service is attentive and friendly. Try Chesa if you want to experience good food in a pleasant environment that’s served to you by experienced survivors of the restaurant industry.
Chesa, Soi 20, 02-261-6650