When Circle Restaurant first opened back in 1996 (or 1997) it was the first, we believe, real fusion restaurant that existed in Bangkok. The chef, whose name we think was Kitti, had worked for Wolfgang Puck for a number of years starting as a dishwasher and working his way the ladder to become a sous chef.
You don’t get to work in Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen without knowing what you’re doing and this guy’s food was cutting edge fusion and quite delicious.
He moved on at some point and there is new ownership now at Circle but the fusion heritage has remained and although the food may not be as daring as it once was it’s still delicious and very well executed.
A recent visit provided us with the chance to taste dishes such as the shrimp dumplings (above right) the seared tuna salad, a signature dish of the restaurant, and a roasted half chicken, another favorite here.
These are all really good dishes although the tuna might be our favorite. It probably doesn’t matter what you order on this menu, however, if the execution and quality are the same as these three dishes. The menu contains plenty of variety, containing salads, soups, pastas and meats among others and there are set menus and inexpensive Thai items at lunch as well.
Along with live entertainment on Thursdays in the upper level and the interesting food here Circle provides a culinary experience that is true to its roots.
Circle, Ruamrudee Village, 02-650-8047