If you haven’t eaten at The Clubhouse on Soi 23 you might want to check it out some time soon. Our recent visit there didn’t uncover any eclectic dining gems but instead offered us a look at a menu that has a wide appeal and that is executed with some flair and technical expertise by their kitchen.
This mix of uncomplicated food has just about something for everyone including Tex-Mex, pub grub, burgers, salads, casual American-style food and a lot more. And the presentations and cooking show that they take a lot of care in what they’re doing as well. General Manager Ian Harriss made the food a priority when he took over here several months back and it’s showing in the way that the food sales have steadily climbed over that time.
He obviously understands one very basic tenet in the food business: if you serve good food on a consistent basis — with a strong emphasis on consistent — then people will come back. It ain’t rocket science but it’s amazing how many places in the Sukhumvit area can’t seem to grasp this.
In any case, they’ve grasped it here and as we said, although the food isn’t complicated, as evidenced by the dishes shown here — a chicken parmesan at the top left (one of their more popular dishes), an appetizer plate at the top right containing potato skins, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks, and a steak wrap below — it’s the execution that’s important.
And of course the atmosphere is important too as you can watch just about any sport you can think of here and sit either outside or inside which contains both booths and tables. There’s also a good selection of local and imported beers and various specials and promotions during the week.
The Clubhouse, Soi 23, 02-664-1376