Coco’s Cafe in the Lotus Hotel on Soi 33 has been going through a transformation lately , updating its current cuisine and adding some Chinese specialties to its predominantly Indian menu.
For many years Coco’s has been one of the more popular Indian eateries in Sukhumvit but it has now added a new element to its offerings by introducing a fusion element to the Indian dishes and introducing some of the tasty Chinese dishes it was serving in the hotel’s Xing Fu Chinese restaurant.
The photos here give you an idea of the direction the menu is taking in addition to the Chinese dishes that are being added here. The top left photo shows the tandoori chicken tacos, the photo below it the paneer jalapeno and the photo to the left the Indian sushi.  
All of these dishes are quite tasty as well as being something completely unexpected coming out of an Indian kitchen. And unlike many fusion experiments they all worked well, although at the time we were visiting the chefs were still improving the tastes trying to get the perfect mix of flavors in each dish.
And the traditional is here as well, as evidenced by the butter chicken we enjoyed and a great daal made up of five different kinds of lentils. 
The old and the new are now coexisting happily here at Coco’s along with the new Chinese additions which means good news for customers wanting an interesting dining experience. 
Coco’s Cafe, Bangkok Lotus Hotel, Soi 33, 02-610-0111