Coffee Drink Recipes for your Valentine's Day


It is crazy to think that we are already so far past Christmas and New Year's Day and now Valentine's Day is only a month away. The day can be very special and take a lot of coordinating and efforts to really get it all right. Since Valentine's Day, or "Singles Awareness Day" as some call it, is right around the corner, our staff at Coffeevines thought it would be good to compile a list of fun and romantic coffee K-Cup recipes.

This weekend, I noticed I use K-Cup coffee a lot and so why not transfer my chocolate coffee recipe to the K-Cup world? It is a genius plan! Now, this is more than simply adding in the syrup to the coffee and mixing it, like you do with cream and sugar; this recipe requires more than that. 

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha


The ingredients for this one are both simple in quality and quantity, so do not fret! What you will need for this recipe are listed here:

White chocolate sauce (syrup will do fine for this as well).
Raspberry sauce (again, syrup will do just fine so do not worry which kind you have).
Dark roasted coffee K-Cup.
Steamed milk (this can be whole, two percent, one percent, skim, or creamer).


Now that we have the ingredients good to go, here's the game plan:

Give a squirt (or a pump) of white chocolate sauce into your mug.
Give two squirt (or two pumps) of the raspberry syrup into that same mug.
Brew the coffee into the mug with the white chocolate and the raspberry syrups. So make sure your mug can accommodate the amount of coffee and the syrups.
Steam the milk and put it into the coffee and stir it in.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Mocha

Just like the white chocolate raspberry mocha, this one is simple and delicious.

Chocolate sauce
Cherry syrup
Dark roast coffee K-Cup
Steamed milk
Now, let's get to coffee making.

Put one pump of chocolate sauce into your mug.
Put two pumps of cherry syrup into that same mug.
Brew your K-Cup into the mug with the chocolate and cherry goodness in it.
Steam the milk.
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