There are many elements that go into selecting and shopping for steaks over the Internet. Think of how you may shop for beef in the supermarket. Are you aware of all the different cuts of steak? Will you purchase by price per pound? Do you know the difference between a sirloin and a rib steak? We hope these guidelines may help make you a better informed consumer, making your next cooking experience the finest one you have ever had!

What Are You Buying Steaks For?

A good beginning would be to understand the reason why you want to buy top quality steaks. Will you be having a special gathering? Would you like to win over your manager, or perhaps want to do something special for a family member? Are you serving four or forty people? Will you be grilling at a sports tailgating event? Are you cooking just for yourself? The purpose you would like to serve the best comes with a direct connection to our second tip.

Established A Budget

One of the wonderful pleasures in life may be to lift a knife and fork to a perfectly cooked, extra-large Porterhouse steak. This can most likely not be a practical choice if you are serving forty visitors, but may work out beautifully if you are welcoming your employer over for supper. It is no secret that premium quality will cost extra. The trick is to find the right value in line with the significance of the event you are hosting.

One of the things most people do not know is that all steak prices will vary based on current market conditions. This consists of a lower end steak you would find in any supermarket, as well as the premium steak you might purchase on the Internet. What defines a gourmet steak as "Premium" is how the USDA certifies beef in several types. Most of these cuts can easily represent the top 10% of all meat produced. Restaurant steakhouses can grab up the inventory of these fine cuts, and food markets typically do not have the shoppers prepared to spend top quality prices. Once again, it's all about the quality. True, any premium steak will cost a bit more, but what you'll get for the money results in a memorable eating experience.

Quality Steak Ideas for Small Groups and Large Budgets

Suppose you are having an intimate gathering of four to six adults, and you would like to serve the best to make an impression. The cuts that may match this grouping could be Porterhouse and T-Bone. The wonderful thing about these cuts is that they are actually two favorite steaks in one. One side of each steak is a New York Strip Steak, and the opposite side of the bone is a Filet Mignon. The main difference between a Porterhouse and a T-Bone steak would be that the Filet Mignon is smaller on the T-Bone steak.

As a good guideline, the plumper the cut of either steak, the better. A thicker cut provides you with a much better chance of making an excellent crust, while the middle of the steak stays juicy, tender, and mouth watering. You can even choose to purchase the Porterhouse for the guys and the T-Bone for the women. Because both steaks come from the tenderloin, they don't need to be marinated, and truly shouldn't include anything more than a super hot grill, and a little salt and pepper. The more you add to it, the more flavor you are taking away from these two wonderful cuts of meat.

You might like to consider huge cuts of New York Strips or Ribeyes for this category. Larger meaning ten to fifteen ounces, and if you are blessed enough to locate a New York Strip with the bone still on it, buy them up!

Quality Steak Ideas for Mid-Sized Groups and Budgets

Suppose this category includes four to twelve adults people. Perfect superior quality values in this situation can comprise of NY Strip Steaks, Filet Mignon, and Ribeye Steaks. New York Strips and Filet Mignon can sometimes be found with the bone still on them. This little hint brings more flavor to the celebration, but can cost a bit more.