Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of succulent, mouth watering, fall off the bone, ribs? Would you believe that "competition BBQ" is better than any barbecue you can get in any restaurant? Now… Competition BBQ Secrets will enable you can learn the secret barbecue recipes of barbecue Pro's. Soon you'll be able to cook on a level that you never knew even existed.

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Competition Bbq Secrets Pdf Free Download-Competition Bbq Secrets Pdf Download
Competition BBQ Secrets Pdf - you can master the techniques of cooking barbecue
Competition Bbq Secrets Download-Competition Bbq Secrets Download
In the new ebook, "Competition BBQ Secrets", you'll get the "impossible to find" important information like exact times and temperatures needed to barbecue like the pro's.Maybe you are looking around for information and barbecue recipes on how to do it right because you knew you couldn't do noting with the trash you were cooking. your first ribs were tough, your chicken was rubbery and tasted like a used tire, your butts were dry, and your brisket was not even edible…

Then you bought a BBQ book or two, looked on the internet for some barbecue recipes, went to the Big Pig Jig as spectators, and you even bought a DVD made by a "professional" cooking team. But you can't even explain to you how disappointed you were in these barbecue products! The books were 50% to 75% stuffed with useless recipes and they did not even tell you the important "secrets" of time and temperature. The DVD was a joke. It showed a guy preparing for a contest and showed him and another guy working a smoker, but they never gave any of the all important details on how to actually do it. Finally,you decided to go to the school.That means you need spend a lot of time and money …

But now , you don't have to go through all that… you can simply buy "Competition BBQ Secrets" and learn in an hour or two how to slow smoke meats like the pro's. Your new book will save you about $1000 and a ton of time in (not) making "mistakes". The book does not contain a lot of useless barbecue recipes. It is more of an instruction manual than anything else. The best barbecue sauce recipe in the world will not help you if you don't know how to slow smoke the underlying meat correctly. Learning from the pro's at a competition is not easy… sure – they are friendly enough in a competitive way. They will even give

you a tip or two if you ask nicely. But how can you expect to learn everything they know in a 15 minute conversation? It's not possible for them to teach you everything that took them years and years of trial and error to learn themselves! Some of them charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to go to their cooking school! There's no need to go through all that… just spend $29.95 on "Competition BBQ Secrets".You'll save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars just by not cooking meats that are so bad that you have to throw it out or feed it to your dog!

Here is some details in Competition BBQ Secrets:
* Very detailed and exact barbecue recipes to cook championship ribs, butts, chicken and brisket. Each one is cooked differently and is explained in it's own chapter.
* Cookers – the different types and how you can slowbarbecue rib recipe smoke on anything from a professional offset smoker to your old trusty Weber kettle grill and everything in between.
* How to smoke a turkey.
* How your wood choice will impart that sought after smoke flavor and smoke ring.
* How marinades, brines, and injections will improve the quality barbecue recipes.
* You have to use rubs… your meats will be bland without them. We tell you all about them.
* Your new book will also tell you how to properly use finishing sauces and glazes on your barbecue recipes – our raspberry vinagrette based "secret" recipe for chicken is worth the price of the book by itself. It's by far the best chicken I have ever tasted and took 9th place out of 50+ of the best teams in the Country – not too shabby! This was at the Lakeland Pig Festival in Florida which is the Florida State Barbecue Championship. In another smaller contest (about 30 teams at Boone Hall in Charleston, SC), this recipe took 4th place. And more recently, this barbecue recipe took 1st place in Barnsville, GA. We also placed 2nd in ribs and 2nd in pork in this event.
* We also give you some great information on competitions, how to prepare for competitions, and even a checklist of what to bring to a competition.
* A complete list of all the BBQ Associations known to exist with the web address for each. Each BBQ Association has it's own contests and you can find their schedules easily with the information in your new book. We'll also show you where you can get a list of all contests in one place.
* How to trim spareribs St Louis Style and how to trim a brisket.
* A whole chapter on barbecue science – smoke rings and maillard reactions.
* A complete list of resources for smokers, rubs, sauces, forums, and much, much more!

This book is not just for BBQ competitors… it was written with the backyard enthusiast in mind. Anyone can use the barbecue recipes in this book right in their very own backyard or in a local cookoff or in a serious competition like the Big Pig Jig or Memphis in May.

Other info that will help you in cooking the best BBQ possible. Many back issues already available for you to read. See how to cook a whole pig on a bamboo stick, fix the rubbery chicken skin problem, a $1000 chicken recipe, & many, many tips for better BBQ. Also… a blog containing all questions and answers from members.

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