If you are beating yourself because you favour too many fry ups or like too many cakes, then I will try my best to get you to like cooking healthy meals to stop your weight increase and feeling a lot better. More importantly, you will end up rewarding yourself for having more energy, feeling better and enjoying your new figure.

The new ways of preparing healthy food from now on, if done for more than 21 days in a row, may set you up for a new habit that will reward you greatly. The old way of preferring fatty snacks instead of cooking fresh ingredients with love and care, that give you a good balanced meal, will be a thing of the pass.

We all know how we say at the beginning of the year that we have new resolutions that will change us and often we mean them, yet a few weeks into the New Year and most of us stop thinking about them or simply fail to take action to accomplish what we wanted to do in this first place.

Actually I had several talks with friends who said to me they would finish all the stuff left over from the Christmas period and then start 'a new rigid diet' for this year... Imagine that. That would be so hard in my opinion to do because diets seldom if ever really work.

Instead, I urge you to really carry on eating everything that you eat now and only change the proportion of foods that you cook for yourself. I learned this from a guy named Frank Suarez, from Puerto Rico, who became a self-taught metabolism specialist; in fact, his book "The Power of Metabolism" is still a best seller.

The correct proportion of food in your plate, if properly understood daily, will allow you to keep eating your favourite foods, yet prevent you from putting on weight while making you more energetic, stronger and healthier.

Also, the quickest way to really learn what ingredients to use for your cooking and thus plan your daily meals, is to just use the search engines to find out about the composition of ingredients and learn what are carbohydrates and what foods give you the most energy, or simply to buy a copy of the book mentioned earlier or a similar type of book.

And then start cooking simple healthy meals that include in every serving, 2 or 3 parts of good protein foods (like vegetables, white or red meats, cheeses, fish and so on) for just one portion or part of your serving of carbohydrates i.e. pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, etc.

Once you learn what foods do for you and you are sure that you want to be healthy and strong, if you follow this strategy of at least two parts on the plate being good protein food and the other of carbohydrates, repeated 3 times a day, you are bound to see great results in your well-being.

Clearly, being realistic about the amount of food to take is also important. I still remember an alternative medicine specialist from India saying while on his world tour stop in London: "Eat half your hunger" if you want to be healthy. Dr. Sham Singer I seem to remember his name was... had a daily radio program about the foods that benefit us and the ones that harm us if taken in the wrong proportions.

There is also the advice of so many famous chefs out there that speak about the danger of too many foods containing carbohydrates and the damage they cause to our body. But we can eat a bit of all of them in turn every day without danger if we mix them up with at least twice the portion of protein based foods.

So what can we do? Well, reducing fry-ups a lot, getting to like more vegetables and fruits, stopping the intake of sugars all together, reducing cake portions and sweets as well as alcohol (another fattening ingredient)... And increase the consumption of protein somewhat if before you were not eating enough of fish, white meats, and at least once a week, red meats, cheeses and raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Why eat so much to then feeling uncomfortable? Think about this and try eating smaller portions but regularly without ever missing meals and see how well you will feel. If in addition, regular exercise is accompanying this new way of eating that you are experiencing, wow! your new you is going to feel great I promise you. You will stop enlarging your stomach and thus your need to fill it with a lot of food will start to disappear.

Lastly, think of the way your breakfast, lunch and dinner are composed of. Which should be the most nourishing meal of the day? Well, the experts say that we should breakfast like kings, lunch like princes and have dinner like paupers; hmm... What do you think? This is going to be something else for discussion of course. I actually agree also with that because I feel better this way.

Think about it; we are having breakfast after the biggest resting period of the 24 hours cycle and go out to meet the day ready for work and action so it figures that we should be ready for all that with a nutritious meal. Then in the early afternoon we can have lunch which does not have to be as big as our breakfast and then in the early evening a light dinner so that when we go to bed the digestion is done and can sleep ever so well ready for sweet dreams...

I hope that these thoughts and ideas can help you to consider the way you cook and eat and think that it is so much better eating for living well rather than living for eating like too many people seem to stress. Living for eating does not sound right and if you do that, you can not stop beating yourself about it. So there you have it folks, the choice is yours.

I wish you much success in your new eating habits. Let me know how you feel.

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