What food will warm you up right through without the worries of having to come home from a long day of work and slave over a hot stove. The answer to that is crock pot chili. What better way to go about your dinner plans than make them the night of morning before and when you come home you have a wonderful worry free meal.

Many people are no stranger to chili cooked on the stove top but the crock pot just made it that much better. That whole time your chili is simmering in the crock pot it is making that chili of yours more and more flavorful. Most people have their basic chili just with kidney beans and meat.... and not a whole lot else. Very boring chili if you ask me.

My recipe has a couple things most people would not think to put in their chili. For example, how about pineapple, yes pineapple. I know that sounds like a strange thing to put into your chili but the outcome of it is just fantastic. That few bites of tangy flavor it gives you here and there is worth it. I myself am not even a big pan of pineapple, however in my chili I absolutely love it!

Yet again I myself am a hunter. 90% of the people will read this will say ew. However to anyone else out there who enjoys their game meats I have also made the chili with some ground venison. Even for those people who don't like that "game" flavor, the chili will hide it.

I hope people are interested in my recipe and would like to give it a try. Here is where you can find my crock pot chili recipe. http://crockpotchili.blogspot.com/


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