In comparison to the authentic pizza recipes that were crafted in Italy generations ago, the Chicago dish has recent beginnings. In the middle of the twentieth century, chefs employed at the Pizzeria Uno produced their own variation of this famous cuisine. What made their particular creation one of a kind was the cooking method that required a deep, round piece of cookware with high sides that right after baking, formed a bowl shape.

The new type made possible for an abundance of cheese and sauce and dough filled with rich flavor. The Chicago-style deep dish pizza was developed and has turned into a favorite choice generating extensive recognition. With the proper equipment and by having a proven recipe, Chicago-style pizzas can easily be made in your own kitchen.

Chicago Pizza Like Your Favorite Restaurant

Purchasing a deep dish baking pan is a first priority for home-based chefs who would like to recreate a traditional Chicago pizza. Typically 12 to 14 inches in diameter, acceptable cookware need to be at least 1 to 2 inches in depth. Establishing the basis of the dough requires a combination of active dry yeast and warm water, and also requires standard kitchen ingredients including vegetable oil, salt, unbleached flour, and cornmeal. Before adding the toppings to set in place the crust, Chicago-style pizza dough needs to be kneaded, go through a rising period, and usually requires pre-baking.

Sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms are standard pizza toppings that also feature a tomato-based sauce, Mozzarella or Romano cheese. Consistently keeping their shape, deep-dish pizzas conform well to a variety of pizza toppings including ample sauce and cheese.

A Unique Pizza Pie Chicago Style

The filled Chicago pizza is one more well known type of Chicago style. Topped with piles of meats and veggies, cheeses, herbs and spices in this style, a lower layer of dough is baked for a few minutes to firm. The mixture is placed on the foundation layer and topped with yet another layer of dough. The pie is vented for steam escape after a light layer of fresh tomato sauce is applied over the top crust. Resulting in a filling and flavorful dish, A stuffed Chicago-style pizza takes more time to bake.

New Ideas for the Chicago Pizza

Making use of lower fat meats for example ground sirloin or seasoned ground turkey help to lower calories and still enrich the flavor of the Chicago pizza. Olive oil, minced garlic, fresh basil, flavoringsArticle Submission, and canned tomatoes may be incorporated in making several types of pizza sauce which might be used. The variety of tomato utilized will have an impact on the taste of the dish.