Fried is a nationwide popular concept that originated in the southern states of the USA, ideal for barbecues, block parties, holiday feasts etc. Other than the pleasure one has from eating it, making it is quite enjoyable too. For a fun and wonderful deep frying turkey experience resulting in delicious end results, follow the steps below:


11 Lb turkey that has been dried both in and out

2 Tbsp seasoning

High smoke point oil (peanut, corn oil, refined canola or sunflower)


1. Season the turkey. Sprinkle the turkey all over with cayenne pepper while rubbing it in the process. Do this until the entire turkey body has been covered and rubbed well. Seasoning the turkey can be done in various ways, i.e. injecting the turkey with marinade or rubbing it with the seasoning.

Focus on getting the rub beneath the turkey skin.

2. A metal hand is an alternative to a frying basket. Lay the turkey shoulders then pass the wire through it, just below the breast and at the wings. Pull the wire carefully through and loop it three times around

Do a small test to ensure your handle effectiveness for the job. Ensure the ends of the wire are twisted to avoid sharp ends.

3. Prepare the burner. Deep fry the turkey outside, in a well-ventilated and dry area far from anything flammable. Ensure the gas burner is on a flat surface to prevent the it from tipping over and ensure the propane tank is not anywhere near the deep fryer.

4. Add the oil. Set an oil level ideal for the process then pour oil into a pot to the specific level; approximately 3 to 5 inches. Light the burner and adjust accordingly, then put the pot on the lit burner.Have the oil heat to 350 F (175 C) temperature where the turkey is ready for frying. Monitor temperature in the entire process

5. Fry the turkey:Allow 3 to 4 cooking minutes for each 500 grams. Do not leave the turkey unattended during the frying process. Halfway through the frying, check on the turkey; briefly lifting it from the pot. The time used to cook varies due to factors e.g. the temperature outside:bird temperature. Lower the heat if the oil starts smoking. Control the oil rising by adjusting the burner to reduce the heat.

6. Have the turkey cooking for around 15 minutes once it starts floating on the oil then carefully remove it from the pot. You can get rid of the excess oil by shaking it then put it on a platter. Allow it to cool down then remove the wire handle and serve the turkey and enjoy your meal! I hope these deep fried turkey instructions help all who read

Always remember to wear protective clothing gloves when deep frying the turkey as hot oil tend to splash all over when following these instructions.

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