What are the basic necessities that we strive for? Unquestionably it is food, shelter and clothing. Is that all we strive towards or there is something more? Is it enough to give contentment, happiness in the changing environment? Most individuals are in the rat race either out of peer pressure, or the desire to have varied experiences. This has led to changed lifestyle, travel and experience of different cultures, further influencing our eating habits considerably.imonomy - free enrichment tools for your site.

Most urban Indian households that are well travelled have switched to one pot dishes such as pastas complemented with salad or sandwiches few times in a week. If we adopt such foods that are simple to prepare, without compromising on nutrition gives more time for reading, spending time with children or other type of work. It is only about having good recipe ideas which do not compromise on nutrition and easy to prepare.

Sandwiches are a healthy option for meal time, take way food or simply at snack time. The ideas for sandwiches are many with the variety of breads, rolls available at bakery, food stores. While the simplest sandwich can be made using fresh bread and applying your choice of jam, butter, cheese or any other spread, grilled toasted sandwich using the choicest filling can be matchless. The aroma of freshly toasted or grilled sandwich from the sandwich maker can turn on the dullest moods.

The sandwich makers which are available in the market can make 4-8 sandwiches in one time, easy to clean and use. They can be used for both vegetarian and meat sandwiches for toasting or grill purpose. The sandwich maker also comes in a number of shapes, size to be used for different breads, tortillas, pita for grilling or toasting purpose. Any recipe calls for using a cooking spray or any other fat to grease the wells of the sandwich maker, use the choice of bread, filling and toast or grill as per function.

One of the most delectable vegetarian sandwiches can be made using fresh sandwich bread, butter, cheese singles, coriander- mint chutney, tomato slices, jalapenos and mustard paste. Lightly butter the bread slices on one side and place the buttered side down on the sandwich maker. Spread green chutney on the other side, place cheese single, tomato slice, few pieces of jalapenos apply some mustard paste cover with another bread slice and close the sandwich maker tight. The sandwich gets prepared in no time rich crisp golden in color, delectable aroma indicated by the "ready' button on the sandwich maker.

A good variation of the above sandwich can be using cooked vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower or chicken which can be had for weekend dinners or packed lunch. Another idea is to complement savory sandwiches with sweet sandwiches using pie fillings, jelly combined with fruit or any other sweet filling. Some sandwich makers are for grilling purpose only which enables cooks the bread, food brown, crisp from the top and bottom from hot plates on both sides. These are best suited to grill vegetables, tofu, cottage cheese, crisps etc.