Irish pubs tend to serve pub food. Brilliant statement, right? We came up with that all by ourselves in case you were wondering. But some pubs strive to do a bit more and The Dubliner in its new location on Soi 33/1 is one of those. 
In its first incarnation in  Washington Square the original chef came from a fine dining background and set up a menu that reflected his pedigree while still paying homage to classic  Irish pub food. That approach has been maintained over the years and the current menu is a mixture of traditional Irish favorites, international cuisine and Thai dishes.
On a recent visit we sampled some traditional Irish dishes — bacon and  cabbage (bottom left), shepherd’s pie — along with some international choices — Caesar’s salad (top right) and garlic mussels (bottom right) — and a Thai/Irish concoction called Hangover Soup which may help cure that affliction but is nevertheless a tasty mixture of sausage and Thai broth similar to tom yum kung. (Editor’s note: due to the fact that there was only one reviewer present we asked the chef to cut down the portion size of the dishes so they are actually larger than what you see here.) 
This large menu contains a wide variety of dishes in all these styles including several more soups, an interesting whiskey pate, pies and stews, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, seafood, some Indian pub food, chicken and lamb and more Thai dishes.
So whether you’re in the mood for pub food or something else, almost every taste is catered to here and, along with the friendly Irish atmosphere, dining at The Dubliner is always a pleasant experience.
The Dubliner, Soi 33/1, 02-204-1841